7 questions for Hayden Williams

As I told in the blog post about the meet up with Hayden, Hayden Williams is a talented and successful fashion illustrator. Here you can read his answers to 7 questions I asked.

How can you afford staying alive with all these travels?!

When I told people with a big smile on my face that I was planning on going on a new trip, they were wondering ‘How can you afford this?’. I have some different ways of earning money and I try to make my travels not that expensive.

Meeting the fabulous Hayden Williams

The first meet up in London was a big one, I’ve been following this artist on Instagram for a while (like a million others) and I couldn’t believe it he was holding my suitcase while walking in London.

Traveling Sketchbook in London

Past week I was in London to meet up with artists for the Traveling Sketchbook, my first trip with the main purpose to find talents for the project.

But YOU don’t make the sketches?

You might think it’s a notebook that includes sketches made during my travels. True, but they are not mine. I’ll tell you about the idea of my project: ‘Traveling Sketchbook’. …

Where the real wanderlust began

When I tell my friends about my travel plans most of the time they are like ‘But how?’, ‘Do you have money?’, ‘But you just came back?’. Same? Then you might have wanderlust too! …