Learning lessons from Marieke Nelissen

And on the road again! From seeing her artworks on Instagram to holding some originals in her home studio. I got to meet the friendly Marieke Nelissen in Den Bosch, where I learned more about the world of children’s book illustrations.

7 questions for Philip Hopman

One of the illustrators that I really wanted to meet up with, was Philip Hopman. I was very lucky that I got invited at his beautiful home to paint in the front yard. 

7 questions for Tracey English

Together with Tracey English I sat down in a store and I watched her doing her thing with paper and scissors. Here you can read her answers on the 7 questions.

Stop the glorification of busy

Today I spend my day sleeping in, painting, reading, drinking smoothies and chill around. People know me as a person with a busy schedule and here I’d like to share a little lesson about that.

Travel buddy #1: the planned partner in crime

In the ode to the travel buddy I told you that I recognize different types of travel buddies. This is about the planned travel buddy, with whom you’ll be prepared for the unplanned. 

Living a little with Tracey English

Very colorful illustrations make me happy and meeting the creator of these colorful creations made me very happy as well. I met Tracey English in a lovely store where we sat down to create a big paper mess on the table.

Creative Roadtrip: the perfect combination

Hi, I am back! Before my little break, I went on a great adventure. Imagine a van, a dog, a cool girl and some great nature. That’s pretty much the best starter packet of a great day. I was about to get a little preview of the Creative Roadtrip experience!

Taking some time off

Wait, are you going on a holiday? No, with ‘taking some time off’ I mean I take a step back from social media and the blog. I absolutely love spending time in this and that’s the reason I have to take a break. I’ll explain..

Give away: Correctbook and postcards

During my trip in London I had the privilege to meet amazing people. To keep the meetings organic and natural, I came not too over-prepared with recorder, laptop or a whole crew. I did bring the Traveling Sketchbook (of course!) and something else I brought was my Correctbook.

7 Questions for An Vrombaut

As I told in the blog post about the meet up with An, I spend an afternoon with animator, illustrator and film director An Vrombaut in Regents Park. Here you can read his answers to 7 questions I asked.