A message from Emma Rose

Exactly one year ago Emma Rose Clark created her work in the Traveling Sketchbook. To do it a little different this time: she wrote a piece for the blog herself!

My name is Emma Rose Clark and I’m a Melbourne based ceramicist and painter.I met Carmen in Melbourne at the Blenders Lane Artists Market and was blown away by her ventures in life. When we hung out she told me all about her travels and the journey of her travelling sketchbook. Just looking through at all the artworks that had been done before me blew me away and filled me with so much wonder. Carmen is so uniquely passionate and I loved painting for her.

In my own work I create one of a kind hand built and wheel thrown ceramics. I combine my work with illustrations I complete in glaze that are all unique to the pieces. I love to make functional work that is unusual and special.

I also paint and create artworks which to me are mainly emotive pieces. I usually paint portraits which draw from my own life and experiences.

I’ve always been inspired in my artistic endeavours by the powerful and expressive women in my family. I grew up around so many artists and always had infinite amounts of art supplies around me because of my mum. My family always respected art as a real calling in life and I never had to feel ashamed in pursuing it, which I am so grateful for.

As an artist, I draw so much inspiration by being able to share and give my work to others. To connect with other creative people and share knowledge and inspiration constantly drives me to create.

Emma creating the piece in the sketchbook

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