Finding artists and illustrators for the Traveling Sketchbook project

But how do you find these artists and illustrators? How do you end up meeting them? Those are questions people ask me. I just email them! Read here about my ‘artists collection’ too. 

I had to buy a new sketchbook for the Traveling Sketchbook project and Karlijn van de Wier illustrated the first work in this new book. Her creation made that the project now counts 55 artworks! That is amazing. It is a beautiful journey and I learn a lot from it. All the artists that I meet are incredibly talented and friendly. I didn’t know them before and now, after our meet up, some of them even became my friends.

But how did it start? How do you know where to find these people and how do they know about you? I did a quick Google search and finding my project or website is not easy (One day it will be.. haha), so it is quite likely that most of them never heard about me and my project. So my strategy is reaching out to them. 

Instagram is my big friend for getting inspired and finding amazing artists and illustrators. I love the feature that you can save photos and that you can even save them in files. Over the time I created a big ass ‘Traveling Sketchbook artist collection’. If I really like an artwork, I try to figure out where the artist lives. Thanks to all the artists that mention this in their bio either on their insta or website! When I know this, I save the artwork in the file of the country. So now I have like 31 files of different countries and the files ‘Favo’ for my favorites and ‘Wishlist’ with artists that I don’t know where they live. That looks a bit like this:

An insight in my files, everything is in Dutch.

The artworks that you see in the screenshot are made by: @tinasiuda, @richard_benning, @antoine_stevens, @dhrubafinearts, @eriberart  and @cocoescribano .

So this month I will go to Lisbon (woohoo!!) and the file Portugal will be a guide to figure out whether there are Lisbon artists that I would like to meet.

Next step is that I contact those artists with a simple email or other message. And that is how I do it! That is also how I got to meet up with Hayden Williams (featured image of the blogpost) and Dimitra Milan whom I was both following for a while!

Is it that simple? Well… I also search on the internet, via children’s bookstores and I visit art markets when I am at the destination. I am always open for unexpected meet ups. I met plenty of amazing artists at markets in London, New-Zealand and Melbourne for example. But yeah, I is not that hard to get in touch with people! Alhough, many artists are very busy, which makes them not easily available for a meet up. Which is a bummer.

Would you recommend any artists that I should meet up with? Please let me know. Email or send a DM to @travelingsketchbook on Instagram.

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