A watercolor masterpiece by Tony Belobrajdic

Back in Croatia this summer Luisa introduced me to Tony Belobrajdic during the exhibition of the student works of the workshops they taught. I met Tony at the same place of the exhibition later that week.

Watercolor painting by Tony source: Pinterest


Tony is a freelance artist who was born in Rijeka in 1958, he studied Architecture and Engineering in Croatia. He went to New York to learn more about art and later started working as a freelance artist in Sydney. He has done quite some exhibitions in Europa and Sydney. He now teaches painting workshops and travels between Sydney and Croatia.

The very quick illustration I made for Tony, with Tony in the background.


With Tony I had a meet up at Zvonka Cara Memorial atelier where he arrived in his bright colored outfit with his bright yellow bike. He had the key of the space and we set up a table inside to sit on. He told me he had an old black and white photo Crikvenica in 1800 and he would use this as a reference for his watercolor work. He felt as a not creative artists, comparing himself to the other artworks in the book. Because he was using a reference. But I tried to ensure him that this didn’t matter! And I am glad he went for it, because I absolutely adore the work he created!

Tony told me that his first flight out of Croatia was when he was 22 years old. He went to Amsterdam (yes, in my country!) to visit museums and copy Rembrandt to improve his art skills. Later, in 1987, he sold his Fiat 500 to go to New York. Two years later he started living in Sydney where he stills works as a freelance artist. He went for his goal! Tony says the more you’re distracted, the longer it takes to reach your goal. Distraction can be in this case friends with no good opinions.


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