Connection, getting inspired and going out of your comfortzone

Traveling Sketchbook travels around the world to collect artworks from different artists. By visiting an artist, Carmen talks with the artist about all kinds of subjects. During the conversation the artist can create whatever they want in the sketchbook.

The goal is to create a project that shows how passion, talent and good conversations are everywhere. With the blog Carmen would like to bring you with her on her inspiring journey in the world of art and illustration, traveling and stepping out of your comfortzone. Once Carmen has collected many works, she would like to make an exhibition about the project.

Traveling Sketchbook is an initiative by Carmen Groenefelt.

Carmen Groenefelt is a young freelance artist and illustrator. A lot of her time she sits around the table with other inspiring entrepeneurs or with a pencil in her hand and she gets a million new ideas every day. She designs custom-made phone cases, greeting cars and illustrations. She illustrated two books so far and is planning to become a famous childrens book illustrator. At Monash University she did fine arts units during her semester abroad, but the rest of her studies wasn’t very art related.

During this project she found out that all the artists that participated did teach her some things in their own way. Therefore she believes that this project is worth sharing, to inspire others.

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