The Traveling Sketchbook project now contains … 55 artworks

The works are collected in 8 countries. Read here which artists participated in the project. Like Hayden Williams, Philip Hopman, Dimitra Milan and Karlijn van de Wier. 

Read about the meet up with (click on the link to read the blog post):
Hayden WilliamsAn VrombautPhilip HopmanTracey English,  Marieke NelissenDimitra Milan.


This project is still going but the book contains already so many lovely works. The artists (click on the link for their website) are displayed at the countries I met them.

landen-NLCecilia Dobrusskin | Esther van der Ham | Omar Munie  | Philip Hopman | Marieke Nelissen | Karlijn van de Wier |

landen-INGee Manioudakis |

landen-TH  Ekundayo Richard | Lucy Barritt |

landen-Au  Andy Murray | Matthew Valenti | Isabella Orsini | Angharad Neal | Matt Mendoza | Grace Fisher | Rhianna Stuchbery| Kathy Tran | Sinead McIntyre | Jacob Lützen | Nicole Sizer | Natalie Marguglio | Manting Huang | Emma Roseclark | Kelly McBrady | Uma Jeyaseelan | Imani McCray | Jessica Jane Rule | Ivano | Hanna Mancini | Sophie McPike | Laura Bernard|

landen-NZ  Gabriela Salgueiro | Emma Gamson | Eugenia Maggi| Ana Bergius |

landen-Eng  Hayden Williams |  Brandon Russell | An Vrombaut | Tracey English | Jeremy Wills | Mia Hawk | Anna Bella | Adrian Boswell | Lewis Campbell | Katarzyna Boske | Helena Perez Garcia | Chiara Fasanella |

landen-cr   Luisa Ritosa | Toni Belobrajdic |

landen-gr  Dimitra Milan | John Milan | Miranda Gamel | Dafni Milan | Constantino Milan | Dalia Milan |

Do you want to collaborate? Please contact me:

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