Pursue your bliss

Last Sunday I participated in a workshop “Paint Your Bliss”, by Nancy Kerkhofs. This strengthened the feeling that I use this period to find my bliss. 

During the workshop we had to paint from our feelings and intuition. No thinking. I enjoyed this. Since I can be a real thinker, not allowing to judge the lines and paint and just feel it was a challenge. It felt good to just paint and not to expect a masterpiece. Or not feeling the pressure that it should look like something. So I went for it and put my bliss out there on the canvas. We had to start with black. And just like in real life, I was trying to get rid of the dark stuff and found out it actually had to be in there too. More layers are about to come on top of it, since I’ll be painting at home too. I’ll go for it until it will feel like a finished piece.

This is the work I made: a not-masterpiece that is created from my emotions.

Wait, what is bliss? Nancy explains it like “being happy all the time”. How to be happy all the time, you ask? This is possible by following your own true desires. So if I really like creating children’s books and I feel happy doing this, this would be my bliss. (So yes, my bliss partly exists from this 😉 ). And actually I believe the message of my whole Traveling Sketchbook is all about that…


With the project I meet artists that do what they love. I share their stories in the hope that you’ll do it too. That you too will do what you love. And sometimes it is hard to go for your bliss, because you are afraid of what people might think. That is the problem, or should I say ‘was the problem’, with me. I graduated at university for the Bachelor Sociology. The gross of the people expects me to start a Master’s program or find a real job. I am not. Actually I have a real job with my own business but people don’t see it like that. And then, I should at least get a little side job, to pay the bills. Right? Actually, I’ll do whatever I want -while staying responsible. So if I’d get a side job it won’t be because I need to, but because I’d like to. Since this job will make it possible for me to pursue the bliss. During these days of waking up and doing whatever I’d like to do, I found out that my head is not that full anymore and I feel good. That is, to me, more worth than any Euro (or money in any other currency haha).

I’d like you encourage you to do the same. What do you like? Have you been wanting to read a book or even write a book? Or do you really like spending more time with family but your busy schedule is making it hard. Just do it ❤ Step by step. Find out it feels good to feel free. Feel free to share with me: what is your bliss?

By the way, are you Dutch and would you like doing this workshop, let me know!
Photo made by: Nancy Kerkhofs

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