Making art abroad

So far, here in Croatia, my Traveling Sketchbook has been stored in my suitcase safely and I’ve been creating art myself. I’d like to share why I love creating abroad.

This week in Croatia, I am joining my family and I am not traveling and exploring the way I am used to do. This is in combination with the fact that I didn’t find any artists around yet are the reasons why the sketchbook is still not used in this beautiful country. What I did use are my paints!


I sat down on a rock and started to recreate a group photo of the family. With my paint and a bit of water I just did my thing. When in another country I feel more free to take time for these things. I do paint in The Netherlands, but not that often in nature. And when abroad I go to nature more often.


I remember back in New-Zealand I was aiming to draw every day. We were at a gorgeous place with waterfalls and little lakes. I only had a receipt from a store. I took that one to create a simple drawing on. It wasn’t a gorgeous drawing, but the environment in which it was made and the fact this was the only thing I had, made it more special.

While in New Zealand my friend was driving and I was sitting in the front. Next to me there was something like a little table and that became my ‘art studio’.

If I don’t have a table I now use my notebook, this is the book I use during the chats with artists to write down some notes. And I reuse tape that I stick on some plastic again and again. And yes, it’s a Correctbook. Perfect to stick the tape on and remove it again, since it is not paper that would get ruined.

Doing it with the things you have and figure out how to minimalize it so you can easily bring it with you, makes the whole process of creating something way more fun.


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