Travel buddy #3 what is left?

This particular category of travel buddies is not really a new category. It is a certain group in the ‘unexpected’ group. They are special. Not only because their moms say so, but also because I say it.  

During the travels you can meet a lot of people. Some of them you might like, some maybe a little less. But then there are these other few, that I shortly described in the other post. They are the ones that really did something to you, that leave those memories behind. The ones you can miss, months after coming back home. That one traveler that knew your biggest fear. The one that you had such personal conversations with, that made it all much more impressive.



Maybe you had this great afternoon in a paradise with this person or did you share the best ice cream. It doesn’t matter what, but there was something that made this travel buddy unforgettable. It may even be possible that now, a couple of months or even years after the trip, you still think about that person sometimes. You’d wish that a friend like that would live closer to you.


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