Travel buddy #2: the unexpected one

As unexpected as the wave in the photo, are some travel buddies. You know that they might show up, but you are a little surprised when they do. And they make you laugh, just like this wave. 

While traveling, there is a big chance other people are traveling at the same place as well. Especially in a hostel with a lot of backpackers, the chance is pretty big that you will find other travelers that might transform into your new travel buddy! So yes, you can kind of expect them, but in my case I never totally expect it.


It can just start with a simple ‘Hi, how are you? What are your plans today?’. This simple question resulted in a trip to the Grand Palace in Bangkok with some guys that I had so much fun with, that I almost forgot about my visa tragedy. Or when you are trying to draw every day and you draw in the common area of a big backpackers hostel and someone just starts asking about the drawings. BOOM, friendships are made. 🙂

A gorgeous place I visited was with some people that just asked: ‘We are going there and there, wanna join?’. We had a lot of fun. You don’t have to really know someone, to have a great afternoon with. Also I believe that travelers are more open-minded and also searching for some travel buddies, which makes it perfect for a short travel friendship, as I may call it that way.

Isn’t this place gorgeous?! Source: ‘unexpected’ travel buddy on top of a stone to take this photo


Unexpected travel buddies don’t have to become life long friends (it is better not to expect that, since they will leave or you will leave first) but they can join you on awesome day trips or spend Christmas Eve with you after a sunny day on the beach! Saying goodbye can be hard though. It depends on how emotional you are, but tears can show up. I mean, you might used to hang around with that person every day for a whole week and then in all of a sudden that person is back to the other side of the world.. that is sad.

But I believe that this is showing how awfully GREAT unexpected travel buddies are. They show up, they go away. And they leave a certain impressions and a whole lot of memories behind.

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