7 questions for Philip Hopman

One of the illustrators that I really wanted to meet up with, was Philip Hopman. I was very lucky that I got invited at his beautiful home to paint in the front yard

1. What is your favorite material to work with?
Paper, pencil, pen and ink, watercolor and acrylic.

2. What do you like the most about drawing?
I guess it’s just being alone with a piece of paper, like a medieval monk in a monastery, making something out of nothing. The reward you get is what you mentioned in your blog: children that know the story by heart and disappear into the drawings.

Boer Boris, the book series Philip talks about. source: Google

3. How do you work?
On my own at home, I read, I sketch, I throw away , get frustrated, start again and then get things going.

4. Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
The Tjong Khing is my hero.

5. What is your favorite workplace?
Home sweet home.

A stock photo from Google with the watermark (alamy stock photo) still over it, but perfectly showing Philip in his studio, that I got to see. 

6. What is your favorite travel destination?
I have an apartment in Barcelona, love to go there. Apart from that: the rest of the world.

7. Do you have any advice for people reading this blog, what is this?
The Mother Superior in the convent used to say:
Climb every mountain
Ford every stream
Follow every rainbow
Till you find your dream


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