7 questions for Tracey English

Together with Tracey English I sat down in a store and I watched her doing her thing with paper and scissors. Here you can read her answers on the 7 questions.

Tracey and me in action. Photo: Anne Neijnens

1. What is your favorite material to work with? 
Hand coloured tissue paper and a pair of children’s scissors. I love to use Liquid acrylic paint to colour the tissue paper, Golden is my favourite brand.

Shot from her sketchbook, working on her alphabet Photo: http://tracey-english.blogspot.nl/

2. What do you like the most about drawing? 
That you can interpret things anyway you like.

3. How do you work? 
I work in collage which I then scan in and tidy up in Photoshop.

ABC copy
Her fruits and veggies alphabet all tidied up! Photo: http://tracey-english.blogspot.nl/

4. Who or what is your biggest inspiration? 
Eric Carle, Matisse, Willem Morris, Josef Frank, Scandinavian Design, nature and the world around me to name just a few.

5. What is your favorite workplace? 
My lean too conservatory at the back of our house, I have a great view of the sky.

6. What is your favorite travel destination? 
St. Ives in Cornwall

7. Do you have any advice for people reading this blog, what is this? 
Don’t waste a day, as life goes too fast, follow your dreams and don’t give up, hard work does pay off.

If you would like to check out Tracey’s gorgeous work, follow her on Instagram.


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