Travel buddy #1: the planned partner in crime

In the ode to the travel buddy I told you that I recognize different types of travel buddies. This is about the planned travel buddy, with whom you’ll be prepared for the unplanned.
Going to Indonesia (two times!) and going on a great road trip in New-Zealand and some other trips I was accompanied by a planned travel buddy. In two of these cases I was with a girl that I barely knew and in the rest of the cases with my boyfriend, that I knew just a little more 😉 And actually on another road trip from a shorter duration me and my boyfriend were accompanied by a friend of us. But I doesn’t matter who joins you, some things seem the same every time!

  1. You will go on the trip together, so there is a bit of planning and excitement together! Instead of just going crazy by yourself about this awesome trip, there is this buddy to share the pre-joy (is that a word in English? I mean something like excitement in advance). How nice is that?
  2. You will share the experiences during the trip, since that person is traveling with you, there are no sad goodbye’s during the trip: what a win!
  3. There might be a point you get tired of the person, the best is to just take a break and/or talk about it.
  4. There might be some moments (hopefully!) that are unplanned, that will test your friendship. But you know you signed up for this, kind of, it’s something you can look back at together and maybe laugh about.
  5. You have to be less egocentric and will have to take in account the wishes from your friend as well. Because you are dependent on each other, for at least a bit. But that’s a healthy thing to do!
  6. There’s no blog to define a planned travel buddy, because they are all different!

My planned travel buddies taught me that it is good to sometimes not plan things too much and just go with the flow. Say ‘let’s do nothing’ and see what happens. Another thing I experienced is how intimate traveling is: seeing each other everyday, sharing your fears or sharing a bed. It also shows on what point you differ from each other and mostly this will make you learn a lot about yourself, I believe.

Actually all the ‘planned’ travel buddies added a lot to my trips. Even just by traveling ‘their way’. And I am pretty sure your planned travel buddies will do the same to you! So my advice: pick a friend, follow the steps in my new blog (will be up tomorrow) and go on a trip!



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