This ode to ‘the Travel buddy’ will make you appreciate your travel buddy even more

I travel together, I travel alone. But even alone is not alone. I always have travel buddies around and this is to all the travel buddies!

Climbing a mountain, getting drunk or finding yourself in a difficult situation: it is so much nicer if you can share this experience with someone on your travels. Traveling is something I really like, partly because it brings you in situations and places you’d normally never be. It is challenging, fun and it broadens your horizon (quite literally too). All these new impressions are sometimes a lot and having someone there that knows what you are going through can be a big help. And then I am not only talking about culture shocks or heavy things, the impression of the wonderful experience of standing on top of the world is also something that is worth sharing. A travel buddy makes the journey way more fun!

  • the friend that walked me ‘home’ from a pub crawl and let me play with a dog on the streets
  • the friend that I had some very deep conversations with over dinner even though she struggled with English and we spoke half German
  • the friend that got lost with me when we early left the Thai ping pong show (yes, the one with sad girls and vagina tricks) we really did regret
  • the friends that made me forget my visa problems and joke around about their elephant pants
  • the friend that celebrated getting my visa with me
  • the friend that made sure my birthday was celebrated on the other side of the world
  • the friend that made sure no leech was left behind on my legs
  • the friend that made me go on exchange to Melbourne
  • the friend that drove chill enough for me to paint in the car
  • the friend that was there with me to talk about how it was to discover more of my roots
  • the friend that made sure I didn’t have to be scared of the Huntsman spider
  • the friend that let us sleep on the beach and brought me one of the most beautiful memories
  • the friends that played cards with me on the most beautiful camp spot
  • the friend that I shared the same thoughts with in a group that didn’t
  • the friends that helped me forgetting to feel lonely during my first Christmas in a bathing suit
  • the friends that still enjoyed playing tennis with me even though I wasn’t even hitting the ball
  • the friend that looked at and appreciated little things just like me
  • the friend that realized we had to grab a drink since we saw each other for the second time that day
  • the friend that showed me a piece of beauty in London that I would have never seen otherwise

This is to you. To all the friends that made my trip a little (or often A LOT) more special:

Thank you so much,
I am glad I met you and got to share this amazing experience with you!

I had quite some travel buddies and some of them might recognize an experience described above. Out of all the travel friends, I think I can define three types of friends. Every Friday from now on you will be introduced to a new type of travel buddy.

Don’t forget to message your travel buddy that you are thinking about right now, if possible. Maybe it will bring back some great memories or nice new conversations. Just thank that person if you’d like to!

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