Creative Roadtrip: the perfect combination

Hi, I am back! Before my little break, I went on a great adventure. Imagine a van, a dog, a cool girl and some great nature. That’s pretty much the best starter packet of a great day. I was about to get a little preview of the Creative Roadtrip experience!

As a reaction to the modern capitalism and consumption of products, Karlijn created a project where people could learn to value a product differently by getting familiar with the process of creation of the product. When you learn how much time and effort goes into the product, you realize that just tossing it away is quite a shame. And if you made the product by yourself, the emotional value makes it almost impossible to throw it away, because this emotional value is priceless. So at Creative Roadtrip, Karlijn teaches you how to screen-print, work with ceramics and to 3D print. How cool is that?!

The van stores all the supplies we need. Photo: Carmen Groenefelt


I never knew that making ceramics was done this way. What we also learned is that it is so fragile, during the process: two cups didn’t survive our workshop ceramics. I was so proud I didn’t break any of them, haha. While Karlijn was talking about the long process of making these cups, I realized how wonderful this experience was. The sun made me squeeze my eyes and it was so warm. The environment was gorgeous as well. We were standing next to the van, in Radio Kootwijk, in the middle of nowhere. A lot of nature surrounded us, so awesome.

Getting the long drinks out of the mold. Photo: Creative Roadtrip


For the bags, we had to make our own design. Not just any aesthetic design you’d like on a bag, but something with a meaning. Based on three questions Karlijn asked in the theme of consumption, we created shapes on paper. I chose my color of paint: green for miss Greenfield 😉 and printed the design on the cotton bag.

Karlijn demonstrates how to screen-print Photo: Creative Roadtrip

Since creating these products take a lot of time, we even didn’t manage to do the 3D printing as well, so for the video we were shooting this day, Karlijn did this part by herself and I was able to go home. I almost fell asleep in the car -that’s okay, I wasn’t driving, since all my money goes to traveling instead of a license. What a lot of wonderful impressions I got this day! I had some great conversations about exploring what you really like and talked about how parents might not totally like your plan (because they are more scared than you are, sometimes): you should do what you love and challenge yourself. I really enjoyed the good vibes and this opportunity to learn these things. I would recommend you going on a road trip with Karlijn. In my opinion it is very brave and admirable that she built up a project like this.

















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