Taking some time off

Wait, are you going on a holiday? No, with ‘taking some time off’ I mean I take a step back from social media and the blog. I absolutely love spending time in this and that’s the reason I have to take a break. I’ll explain.. 

In the newsletter I sent out today I wrote about ‘my thoughts about may’:

With the summer coming closer, the adventure at Monash University in Melbourne floating further away.. I have to focus. Yes, I am an artist. I would like to believe so. But I am a Sociology student too. Hopefully I can graduate this August, but that means I have to focus. How do you focus on your Bachelor thesis and studying for exams while your hands are itching, willing to create new stuff and if you have this big ass list of artists you admire and that you want to meet? Well, that’s something I have been dealing with for a while now. I don’t know actually.

Maybe you guys recognize that feeling that you can’t concentrate and you have too much going on in your head. For me it is mostly the feeling that I want to create, meet people, travel and experience new things. When on Instagram I see all these travel accounts I follow and of course it makes me think about it even more.


^ This is me during the day, every day. Without the mountain. And without the camera. Because they are not involved in writing a bachelor paper and studying for exams (and procrastinating both of them). I downloaded an app to track how many hours I am on my phone. Even though it is an hour less than the average (which is 4 hours a day!) I find it stupid that I am on that thing so much.

I didn’t really post anything for a while on @travelingsketchbook except for the explanation why I don’t post stuff. And I thought that would make me feel more relax.. but I still had the feeling that I had to write a blog about it. So here it is! 😉

Just ‘writing out loud’ that I am not posting articles, makes me feel less obligated. I don’t owe anyone to write a blog post, but with the plenty (travel) blogs on the web posting post after post – the one more perfect than the other – it is easy to feel a little pressure still. I am aware that I should focus on my own thing, not on the overwhelming and perfect social media.. so that’s what this is all about! I will just give myself the freedom to focus on studying. If I want to write, I can still do that. But I will save it till after exams to post it, so I have the chance to be offline more.

And you? What is your phone and social media usage? Do you recognize the pressure of just knowing you might miss out on a message or some gorgeous travel photos from someone?
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Photos by: Ingrid Gielen



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