Give away: Correctbook and postcards

During my trip in London I had the privilege to meet amazing people. To keep the meetings organic and natural, I came not too over-prepared with recorder, laptop or a whole crew. I did bring the Traveling Sketchbook (of course!) and something else I brought was my Correctbook.

Since these conversations are full of great quotes and information, I have to make sure I don’t forget everything. I take little notes in the notebook and take a moment after the meet up to set free my mind and just let the words flow. The reason why I prefer using this Correctbook is that:

And believe me, I would only write about this product if I think it is AWESOME. And I do! By buying this book I help battling against illiteracy in developing countries.

I took notes in my notebook in London. When I came back to the Netherlands I read all the notes again. The ink doesn’t disappear easy, only if you use the erasers or a cloth with whiteboard spray, so my notes were still there. With a mobile scan app (CamScanner, but there are many more) I scanned in all the notes and I whipped away everything. Ready for a new adventure!

This week Correctbook won the Start-up Price Rotterdam, how great is that?


Because I am so enthusiastic about this product, I made sure I could offer you guys something: If you go to and you make an order, make sure you use Carmen15 to get 15% discount. Check out the shop!

I don’t take myself too serious, but this discount is definitely serious !


To support the Traveling Sketchbook, you can now buy post cards in a package of 5 (€4,95 excl. postage). They are all in the holiday and travel theme and perfect to send or just frame it and hang it as a piece of art. You can order them by just sending me a message to



Because I like presents and making people happy: I am giving away a Correctbook + 5 erasers (€15,90) and a package of 5 cards (€4,95). All you have to do is tell me what you would use your Correctbook for or tag the person you often send postcards to. Let me know in the comments of the give-away photo on Instagram or Facebook. Or share the post. Do you know someone who would love a Correctbook, tell them about the give-away!

In case you’d like a drawing on the cover of the notebook like in the photos, I’ll make one for you 😉

This is my Correctbook, yours is still in its packaging and without a drawing and name.

I will announce the winner of the give-away on Friday 26.05.2017 and will get in contact with the winner for postal details.

“Thank you so much! I really like the cards and the book. I can’t stop playing with it.” – the winner, Arischa. 

Good luck! ❤
Love, Carmen

Photos of me by: Thomas van Well Groeneveld

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