Traveling Sketchbook in London

Past week I was in London to meet up with artists for the Traveling Sketchbook, my first trip with the main purpose to find talents for the project.

Before going to England for the first time in my life, I messaged different artists. I was already following them on Instagram or I found them in another way. It was a fun process of finding – emailing – putting them on the list. 7 people I would meet, but because of circumstances some got cancelled. One of the persons I really would like to meet was Hayden Williams.


This fashion illustrator has 1,2 million followers on Instagram (@hayden_williams). And with Google, Vogue, Naomi Cambell, Rihanna and Oprah Winfrey on his list of people and brands he worked for/with, he would definitely be a catch… if he would say yes. I said to my friend ‘If he says yes, I am going to throw a party’. And well, I have to throw a party. The first day of my trip, I met this guy. And even though he hangs around celebrities, he was so friendly, down to earth, honest and cool to hang out with! You can read about him in this first ‘meet up-post’.


People smile and like the idea of the Traveling Sketchbook if I tell them about it. But most of them would be silent for a moment and then ask ‘But why? What is the purpose?’. Anne Neijnens, the photographer that joined me on my trip for some days found out what it is.

We just had the meeting with An Vrombaut in Regents Park. It was the first Traveling Sketchbook meet up Anne joined (in her life), but like the 20th I’ve had. ‘WOW! I liked the Traveling Sketchbook already, but the stories she told! How open the conversations are and how pure this is.. this is so inspiring and great!’


I tell you, this is exactly what I want to share with the project. All these wonderful people have a story. A story about passion, creating and about not giving up. Even if you don’t care about art (what even is art?!), these stories are worth reading. The conversations can be about anything, but for so far most of the chats were very inspiring. I learned lessons and I may even have taught some! I don’t record the conversations, I don’t prepare an interview and I don’t really mind if the artist is quiet most of the time they are creating. But I think the honesty and pureness is too beautiful not to share.

So that’s why I went all the way to London, to collect new experiences and artworks. That is why you are here, enjoy!
Have a read on the first meet up in London.

– photo by: Anne Neijnens

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