Challenge yourself, you’ve got nothing to lose

How am I going to find those artists? That’s what I thought and that’s how I came up with finding them online. And not just starters, the bigger the artist, the better!

First I found it a bit challenging to just ask an artist that I liked on Instagram to meet up with me. But what happens when you challenge yourself? It turns out not to be that challenging after a while and you will find new bigger challenges. It turned out that the artists that I contacted felt very honored and liked the idea. After the meet up they thanked me for the great opportunity and experience. Wait, what? They were thanking me? I started to realize that I also had something to offer to them! So why should I be scared? The worst thing that can happen is that they say no, or that they won’t answer. Actually I think the last one is worst. But what then? Then I just lost a bit of time and I at least tried!


After some great meet ups in Auckland and Sydney I had an inspiring evening with a bunch of creatives in Melbourne. It turned out that they have a lot of followers on Instagram and one works for Warner Bros and another was asked to work for Disney. They were so friendly, not arrogant at all and they loved giving me advice! (And I loved receiving their advice 😉 ) What is better than learning from them? Actually, contacting experienced illustrators and artists could help me a lot!


I started to not just ask friends at uni, but started checking out illustrators from great children’s books. I would just grab a book from for example Shaun Tan and try to contact him.

A gorgeous spread from his book ‘The Rabbits’

This asked for some research but via his publisher I got to send him an email. And what happened?! He emailed back! A personal and very friendly email, that he would love to meet me. But well, I was in on my way back to the Netherlands. I couldn’t meet him anymore. That’s a little sad BUT he emailed back! So this motivated me and I kept going. There might be other great artists as interested as he is, right?

So… you are wondering… am I going to meet other great people? Are there other experienced artists that would like to meet me? Will they create a piece in my sketchbook?

Yes, I am! Yes, there are! Yes, they will! Who? Keep following me and you will find out.


A little message to you: do you have something that you find challenging? Something you are really afraid of? Think of the possible outcome and about what the worst thing is that can happen. Is it just asking for a favor? Maybe that person is happy to help you! I believe that you should just ask. Don’t fill in for yourself what another might think. And people tend to like to help others. If the worst thing that can happen is a ‘No’, then try it anyway and find out that you’ll maybe get a ‘Yes’. Good luck!

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