But YOU don’t make the sketches?

You might think it’s a notebook that includes sketches made during my travels. True, but they are not mine. I’ll tell you about the idea of my project: ‘Traveling Sketchbook’. 

So how are these artworks not yours? And how do you get them? You might ask. At a point I thought it might be cool to have a collection of works from other people in my sketchbook. And during the past two years this idea expanded into ‘Traveling Sketchbook’.


The first gorgeous work is made by Cecilia, a school friend from high school. I just asked her to make whatever she wanted and that it could be something that reminded her of me. She created this ballpoint drawing of a detailed skeleton with an octopus inside holding a heart. The coffee stain makes it so cool. Apart from the fact that this drawing is so detailed, well made and creative… it turned out to have a beautiful message. I’ll keep this one a secret (for the exhibition), but here you see a sneak peek of this beautiful work.

After this sketch I really wanted to continue the book. To make it travel to different countries seemed even more awesome to me. So I brought it with me on my trip to Indonesia. I wasn’t actively searching for artists but I accidently found Gee in a hostel in Jogjakarta. He created something in my sketchbook and I did that in his.


It was so much fun to meet an artist. He invited me to Melbourne and told me that I could take part in an art market with my works if I would come. The Netherlands and Australia are pretty far apart from each other… but it sounded like a cool idea! I always wanted to study abroad, so that made it easy: I could go on exchange to Melbourne and then meet Gee again. So yes, a year later I was there!

This is the year the ‘Traveling Sketchbook’ transformed to the project it is now. During that exchange semester I went to Thailand, New Zealand and of course Australia, excellent places to meet talented people. By using Instagram, chatting with people in hostels, art markets and other ways I collected new works in the sketchbook.


So when I meet these people I just explain the project and ask them whether they would like to create something. ‘You can create whatever you want and leave a little wisdom if you want’. First I would give the book with them, then I realized that staying to look at the person creating the work and have a chat was so much cooler. So I ended up emailing people to make appointments to meet up and have a chat while they are drawing or painting. And I am still doing this. And I can tell you: all these moments are so special! The conversations are so inspiring and the experiences just so unique. I hope I can share the ‘warm fuzzies’ I get from this project through this blog and later in the exhibition. Enjoy! ❤

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