Where the real wanderlust began

When I tell my friends about my travel plans most of the time they are like ‘But how?’, ‘Do you have money?’, ‘But you just came back?’. Same? Then you might have wanderlust too! 

Back in 2015 my dream came true, since I finally made a big trip. With a friend (a new one, that I barely knew back then), I went to Indonesia for 3,5 weeks. It was so exciting! First we would visit and old kind of uncle of me, who was incredibly hospitable. He made us feel welcome and took good care of us, which felt very safe. It was so crazy to be on the other side of the world and still see people on the streets that reminded me of my uncles and aunts. I have to tell you, I have Indonesian (and Surinam) roots, so that makes sense 😉


I remember being on top of the mount Rinjani, it was so so cold and the sun was about to rise. Since I was a bit faster than the others of my group, including my friend, I felt alone. It was so disappointing, because this massive climb was the sickest and hardest thing I have ever done and well, I was there, alone. I felt a bit sick and mostly cold. The sunrise was gorgeous and more and more people were joining me on the summit, but still not my friend. Why is there no one to celebrate this moment? Then I heard this guy behind me asking whether I wanted to join him. He was sitting with some other people on the floor, they were trying to get warm with a sleeping bag that they zipped open. They even had cookies. And at that moment, I didn’t feel alone anymore and I realized how amazing this climb was.  At that moment I also realized that the atmosphere of traveling is so chill. People tend to be nicer and more open to each other. (Please tell me if I am wrong) And of course after a while my friend arrived as well and we were hugging and laughing that we made it.


The more places we discovered in this amazing country, the more other backpackers we met. With some backpackers I would create an amazing connection in just a day and I found out that these strangers turned out to have quite a lot of the same interests.


During this trip I did crazy new things and I learned a lot about myself. Yes, yes, so cliché. But hey, clichés are clichés for a reason of course. This was the moment I got the real wanderlust. When I came back from the trip, I couldn’t wait to travel again. And not much later I started to plan an exchange semester to Australia. And did you know that this particular trip to Indonesia made me go on exchange to Melbourne? And did you know that I already had the Traveling Sketchbook with me on this trip? I will tell more about this in the next blog post!

Do you also feel the desire to travel to new places all the time? What was the moment for you when you got wanderlust?

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