A message from Emma Rose

Exactly one year ago Emma Rose Clark created her work in the Traveling Sketchbook. To do it a little different this time: she wrote a piece for the blog herself!

A watercolor masterpiece by Tony Belobrajdic

Back in Croatia this summer Luisa introduced me to Toni Belobrajdic during the exhibition of the student works of the workshops they taught. I met Toni at the same place of the exhibition later that week.

Karlijn van de Wier, the illustrator who does much more than handlettering

Woohoo! I was so excited, I was about to meet Karlijn van de Wier. Even the rain didn’t affect my enthusiasm. Instead of a meet up in the nature, we met in Villa Pastorie in Tilburg where Karlijn and I could have been for hours more if she didn’t have to visit the hairdresser.

Pursue your bliss

Last Sunday I participated in a workshop “Paint your bliss”, by Nancy Kerkhofs. This strengthened the feeling that I use this period to find my bliss. 

My favorite travel place at the last day

I am back in the Netherlands after visiting the beautiful Croatia. One week long I joined my family in Dramalj. Diving, snorkeling and meeting two great artists were some of the things I’ve done.

Making art abroad

So far, here in Croatia, my Traveling Sketchbook has been stored in my suitcase safely and I’ve been creating art myself. I’d like to share why I love creating abroad.

Travel buddy #3 what is left?

This particular category of travel buddies is not really a new category. It is a certain group in the ‘unexpected’ group. They are special. Not only because their moms say so, but also because I say it.  

Shaka Brah: take it easy

If I didn’t take it easy back in Australia, if I didn’t choose for myself at that moment, then Traveling Sketchbook probably wasn’t this big at this moment. I’d like to share how important ‘Shaka brah’ became to me.